A ‘From-To’ Salvation

One of the greatest things about being a Christian is how Christ set us free. Salvation is a from/to dynamic. If we’ve given our heart to Christ that means he’s not only saved us from a life of sin, but he has also delivered us to a life of victory.

Life before the cross was hard work. Sure sin is fun but the fun only lasts a little while. Eventually the fun wears off and we’re left with a spiritual hangover. These are the worst. The devil comes and heaps shame on us which makes us feel worse than we did before we sinned, and even more worse, it makes us avoid God (remember Adam and Eve running from God in the garden???). Talk about feeling hopeless and running from the only One who can help us! Its tough carrying this kind of spiritual baggage. Its hard work. It’s a hard life. That’s why Paul says that the wages of sin is death. Life before the cross is laborious and the only thing we ever got out of it is a one-way ticket to death.

When Jesus gets ahold of us and when we turn our hearts over to him, he saves us from this hard life. He delivers us from a life of anguish and he delivers us to a life of victory. He delivers us from captivity and delivers us to a life of freedom. Freedom is so nice! Here’s the thing about freedom: Freedom is not license to do what we want; freedom is empowerment to do what we ought.

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