2:52 Kids


They deserve the very best. Families need all the help they can get these days. We’re here to help! JR, Levi, and Manny stopped for a picture during one of our outreach events to help feed hungry children. Our outreach events help our kids learn how to think and care about the needs of others…this helps them be better people.

Our kids learn that even at a young age, they are an important part of Godʼs plan and they donʼt have to wait until they “grow-up” to live a life of purpose and have an impact in the Kingdom of God.


Kids church needs to be an exciting and fun place to learn about God and to experience His presence. Each service is filled with dancing, games, videos and dynamic lessons all geared towards growing our kids knowledge and experience of Jesus. Encourage your kids to bring their Bibles if they have one and get ready to learn Godʼs word in new and interesting ways!

Our ministry is divided into the following age groups: 2:52 Nursery – for babies from 6 weeks to 2 years of age. 2:52 Miniʼs – for 2 and 3 year olds 2:52 Juniors – for children ages 4 through Kindergarten 2:52 Kids – for 1st-6th grade


You can sign your kids up before you get here. Go to Kidcheck and click on the Sign Up tab. If you donʼt have access or time to do this step in advance, we have volunteers who are happy to assist you once you arrive on campus. Once your children are registered in Kidcheck, you will just need to check them in on the computers located at our registration desk, where there will aways be a volunteer on hand to assist you.


The safety of our children is number one. 2:52 classrooms all are located in a secured area of our building, and each member of our staff and volunteers have to fill out an application, complete an interview process and pass a thorough background check. No adult without these steps completed will be permitted in to a 2:52 classroom. All parents must check in at the registration desk for assistance with checking their children in or out.