Jeff and Kendra McAffee – Senior Pastors

Pastor Jeff McAffee is the Lead Pastor at Parkway Church. His passion is to help Christian families live Christian lives. Pastor Jeff’s vision for Parkway Church is to support our families with superb, over-the-top, vibrant children’s and youth ministries, provide unapologetic Spirit-anointed music, and deliver strong, relevant teachings. He is seminary trained and an Ordained Bishop. Jeff and his wife, Kendra were married in 1995, the same year Kendra graduated from college. They have three great kids, Ethan, Anna, and Ella. One is a martial arts enthusiast and an aspiring chef, one is a ballerina-in-training, the other was a wonderful surprise to them, and is also a mini ballerina-in-training. They have a “fish, Larry, who lives in a small bowl by the kitchen window.

Email: jmcaffee@parkwaychurch.com


Julie Lafon – Worship Leader

Julie Lafon is the Worship Leader at Parkway Church. Her passion is to lead the congregation into a deeper level of connection with God through song and music. It is Julie’s desire that our time of praise and worship is something deep and intimate and powerful, filled with abandon. Julie and her husband, Sam, have been married since 1997. They have a beautiful daughter, Lindsay, who is an artist and loves all animals (especially dogs). They have two crazy dogs, two birds, and love to go to the movies, visit the zoo, and travel.

Email: juliel2002@gmail.com


Manuel & Stacy Valenzuela – Youth Pastors

Manuel and Stacy Valenzuela are the Youth Pastors of Parkway Church. They have a passion to encourage this generation: to see themselves the way God sees them, to rise to the call that God has for them, and to be aware of His presence at every turn. Manuel and Stacy have been married for 13 years and have 8 incredibly fun children who have taught them that they are really “just along for the ride.” The Valenzuelas are really easy to locate–they are the family that pulls up in the big white van, and when they open the door,kids and candy wrappers come tumbling out! As if this isn’t enough, they have dogs, fish, and chickens too! The more the merrier!

Email: azsportsfan@q.com


Melissa Richardson – Children’s Pastor & Communications Director

Melissa Richardson, or “Pastor Missie”, as the kids call her, is the Children’s Pastor and Communications Director at Parkway Church. Missie feels that one of the greatest blessings in her life is the opportunity to serve Jesus by serving His kids. She believes it is one of the greatest opportunities to grow His kingdom and de”nitely THE most fun. Where else can you have a jello-slurping contest, dance, get crazy, and experience a powerful move of God all in the same service? Pastor Missie has two incredible kids of her own; Noah, who is 15 and learning to play both guitar and piano, and Kennady, who is 13 and a ballerina. Their favorite things to do together include hanging out with family and friends, watching movies, or playing their new Kinect. They also love road trips, swimming and FOOTBALL!

Email: mrichardson@parkwaychurch.com

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