Ever feel like a fish swimming upstream, maybe even in the wrong stream? At Parkway it is our desire to assist families to get back to where they belong, heading in the direction God has called them to go, and equipping them for the journey.

It’s not an easy road to remain true to values and beliefs that go against the way of the world today, let’s not do it alone. We hope you will allow us to team up with you and your family on your journey to living a successful Christian life.



REAL – With a world that bombards us with facades, we choose authenticity.  There are no perfect people allowed at Parkway, only REAL people.
RELEVANT – While we will always stay true to the message of Jesus, we believe it is crucial to stay current with the time we live in.
RELATIONSHIPS – Relationships are important, we need one another. At Parkway we put a focus on being in REAL, RELEVANT, RELATIONSHIP with one another.  That means when you are on our campus, you will really feel like you are at home, and will know that you belong.



Parkway Church is a proud church of the Church of God International. Check out the core beliefs of the Church of God International, just click here.


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